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Learn about Dual Special Needs Plan benefits, and how they’re designed to help people

With a dual health plan, you could get a monthly credit to help with everyday needs like food, OTC products and utilities

A flexible monthly credit to spend on healthy food, over-the-counter products and pay utility bills is a valuable benefit that helps our dual health plan members stretch their dollars.

Get your free dual plan guide

 Everything you need to know about Dual Special Needs Plans in one, convenient guide.

Dental coverage gives people with Medicaid and Medicare more to smile about

See a breakdown of the parts of dental coverage, so you know what to think about for dental care coverage when you have both Medicaid and Medicare.

UCard can help simplify things for many UnitedHealthcare members

UnitedHealthcare UCard™ makes it simpler for dual health plan members to get care and unlock all the benefits and programs included with their health plan.

What’s the difference between PPO vs. HMO plans?

Learn the difference between an HMO and a PPO plan, why your choice of doctors is important and see if your doctor is in our network.

What’s a formulary and how do they work?

See how to use a 2023 formulary drug list for a dual-eligible health plan, and how to check which Medicare Part D drugs may be covered by your health plan.

What is behavioral health?

Learn about behavioral health care services and the mental health benefits offered by DSNP dual health plans.

Dual-eligible health plans can provide an allowance for hearing aids and other benefits

Dual-eligible health plans may include extra benefits like hearing coverage and help with paying for hearing aids.

How a dual-eligible health plan can help people with diabetes

Dual-eligible health plans offer many extra benefits that can help make managing diabetes easier and help cover the cost of diabetes supplies and healthy food.

What is Medicaid and what does it cover?

Medicaid explained. Medicaid is a government health care program for people with a low income. What the Medicaid program is and what Medicaid covers.

A Navigator can help make life easier for dual health plan members

What does it mean to have a dedicated Navigator and what do Navigators do to help make it easier for people who are dual-eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare to get support?

Dual health plans usually include transportation assistance at no cost

For people who have both Medicare and Medicaid, a dual health plan may provide rides at no cost to take care of your health needs. Get rides at no cost to you.

Does Medicare or Medicaid Cover Telehealth Services?

Telehealth and telemedicine can help make it easier to get treated by a doctor at no cost to you.

If you get a dual health plan, do you lose your Medicaid benefits?

For people who have both Medicaid and Medicare, a dual health plan lets you keep all your Medicaid benefits, plus get extra Medicare benefits too.

Are prescription drugs covered by a Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)?

Dual eligible health plans include more prescription coverage than Medicaid or Original Medicare alone. See a list of drugs covered by dual health plans available where you live.

5 surprising benefits of dual health plans

Dual health plans include these 5 surprising benefits and much more for people who have both Medicaid and Medicare.

Vision coverage: Take a closer look at what dual health plans offer

Vision care coverage options are explained to help you fully understand what vision care is covered in health plans for people who have both Medicaid and Medicare.

What is a Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)?

Dual-eligible health plans are for people on Medicare and Medicaid. See if you meet the requirements.

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Still have questions

We’re here to help

Contact us at:
1-844-812-5967 / TTY: 711
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week.